So, you're wondering who we are?

Have you ever been so passionate about something, that it turned into an obsession?

This is my story. 

Early 2015, I started making natural cosmetic products, as I was unhappy with the number of products currently on the market  that had an ingredients list as long as my arm. My new interest quickly turned into my passion and after extensive research and perfecting my formulas VeebeautyLDN was formed and we would like to share our products with you. 

We hope you will love them as much as we do.                                  

Why VeeBeautyLDN?

Did you know that on average we use 12 personal care products a day which contains on average a staggering 168 chemicals? We use these products thinking that they are good for us, however, ironically even the tiniest amount of the chemicals found in our everyday toiletries can have serious health issues and can cause major problems! Crazy right?

This got us thinking and we were curious to learn how to create chemical free products to help us feel and look great without smothering harmful chemicals on our body.

What makes our products so special is the fact that we use nothing but 100% natural ingredients, making them perfect for the whole family. We strategically mix our ingredients to make sure they work to their full potential.

 All of our products have been dermatologically tested, and we never test on animals. 


Out of respect for the environment we do not use unnecessary outer packaging for our products. 

What are we offering?

For your lips we are offering two moisturising  balms.  One made with "Cocoa Butter" and has the delicate fragrance of chocolate running through it and a "Minty Moment" made with shea butter which has a pleasant peppermint smell.

Added to these we have our fantastic Eyelash & brow serum.

We are currently working on increasing our product range to include Beard Oils and Balms, Nail Cuticle Oil, Intensive repair Foot & Heel Oil and Hair Rejuvenating Oil for Men and Women. These will be available to buy shortly.

Keep an eye out on our social media pages & website for launch dates and special offers.