My name is Vee and I am the founder of VeebeautyLDN. In early 2015 I started making natural cosmetic products as I was unhappy with the number of skincare brands on the market that had ingredient lists as long as my arm. My new interest quickly turned into my passion and after extensive research and perfecting my formulas VeebeautyLDN was formed

Did you know that on average we use 12 personal care products a day which contains on average a staggering 168 chemicals? We use these products thinking they are good for us , however, ironically even the tiniest amount of chemicals found in our everyday toiletries can have serious health issues and cause major problems. 

This got me thinking and I was curious to learn how to create chemical free products to help me feel and look great without smothering harmful chemicals on my body.

I use nothing but 100% natural ingredients in all of my products, making them perfect for the whole family. I strategically mix ingredients to make sure they work to their full potential. 

All of my products are dermatologically tested and my products are never tested on animals. All of the oils and butters used in my products are all sourced ethically from the UK.